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Its more than just malware these days and there are many ways to conceal code

What is the test?

Malware can be hidden in compressed files. Most security solutions will be fooled by this technique as they can only analyse some common compression formats such as .ZIP. There are many other legitimate compression formats like GZIP, deflate, and CAB used by standard operating systems as well as TAR and GZ used by Linux and Unix systems. 

The test simply creates a compressed file which contains an EICAR file (a standard anti-virus test file) and sends the file to you to test your defences. The file is not saved on your device and does nothing but has the hallmarks of Malware so should be recognised and blocked by your defence systems.

Once the test is complete, you will be shown a summary of the findings. If you want the detailed report, please fill in your details when prompted.

For any other queries or information, please use the contact us form below.

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